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Cancellation, OFFF tickets for sale

We were planning on attending the OFFF Graphic Design Festival in Oeiras (near Lisbon, Portugal). We have bought our tickets and booked a double private room in a nice Youth Hostel in Lisbon.

We have decided not to go (to concentrate our travel in the east part of Europe), so we would like to sell our tickets because they are non-refundable. They have cost us 75€ each and we could sell them to the best offer. We could also transfer our accommodation reservation (from May 5th to 9th) to the buyer.

If you are interested or know someone who would be, please let us know!

Publié dans la catégorie Design /Voyage, le 5 April 2009

2 réponses à Cancellation, OFFF tickets for sale

  1. Par Marion 

    le 15 April 2009 à 10:34

    salut, je suis éventuellement intéressée il me faudrait plus de détail, en français si possible^^

  2. Par vio 

    le 1 May 2009 à 5:12

    Yes, I am interested, please contact me as soon as possible!

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