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I’m searching the web to find graphic design studios in Berlin. I stumbled upon the Edenspiekermann Manifesto, which I find simple and true. I could use something like that as well. This is what it says:

  1. We work for your customers. We may have to take their side at times.
  2. Challenge us. Complacency is the ennemy of great work.
  3. We don’t give answers. Unless we can explore your question.
  4. We are not suppliers. Partnerships give the best results.
  5. Talk to us. We thrive on feedback.
  6. Trust us. You hired us because we can do something you can not do.
  7. Pay us. Our work adds up to your bottom line, so invest in our future.

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Une réponse à Manifest

  1. Par ber 

    le 14 February 2010 à 16:30

    What kind of studios do you look for? Maybe I can help.

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