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Freelance in Europe

My boyfriend and I are planning to live and work from Berlin next spring. As you all know, the exchange rate from $CDN to € is really bad right now ($1 = €0.58). Imagine that you would have to earn $1,600 to get €1,000… To think about it gives me the shivers! I once earned my salary in euros and traveling in Europe was good then. Now, it hurts.

So, starting of now, I am looking for more freelance projects in Europe in order to earn euros directly. If you know anyone who would like to have his corporate identity made or website designed please let me know so I can get in touch. It could also be printed matters or even website integration (for Patrick).

I will put some more stuff on my portfolio site soon. In the meantime, any other hints are welcomed (freelance website links, houseswaps, etc.).

*** update ***

I just found out that what I want to do has a name. It is called “international freelancing“.

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  1. Par Frederic Herrera 

    le 13 March 2009 à 9:43

    Bonjour Marie-Claude,

    Contacte-moi directement pour plus d’infos. Je vis a Dublin, Irlande, Fred

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