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The Greatest of the Biggest

Back in 2006, after coming back from the Netherlands, I registered to an intensive summer course at UQAM called “International Design with Karel Martens”. Mr. Martens is considered one of the greatest designers of the Netherlands and thought (and still does I think) at Werkplaats Typografie.

The Greatest of the Biggest Song

We worked on a book on the theme of “link” and I used an absurd poem of my friend and former housemate from Rotterdam, Rogier Stomp aka kO nOrderisk, to represent the subject.

kO’s poetry is a mixture of absurd humor and society critic. There is a genuine influence of Russian Absurdism in his work. His poem “The Greatest of the Biggest Song” which I used in Mr. Marten’s class has now turned into a real book published by Uitgeverij Nadorst which I had the honor to design. The book is called “The Greatest of the Biggest” and is, in itself, a critic on the trend of always wanting bigger, better, more… instead of savouring what is.

I’m waiting to receive my copy in the mail but, in the meantime, here’s the cover page I designed for kO’s first poetry book.

The Greatest of the Biggest
Published in September 2009
64 pages
12,5 x 20 cm
Paperback, 2 colours
In Dutch & English
ISBN: 978 94 90338 02 2

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