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Web Typo for Geek Designers

“When typographers set the measure and text size for printed media, those dimensions are fixed and unchangeable in their physical manifestation. In this regard, the Web as viewed on-screen is fundamentally different to print because the medium is far more under the control of your readers. In particular, if your reader wishes to change the text size or the dimensions of the ‘page’, he can do. […] Relinquishing such control makes some designers quake in their boots, but the beauty and advantage of the Web as medium is that readers are able to adjust their reading environment to suit their own needs. This is a concept that should be acknowledged & embraced, and built into website designs from the ground up.”

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web, by Richard Rutter

Makes me want to rethink everything I thought I knew about the Web. I mostly design with pixels and not ems.

Are you part of people who increase or decrease the text size on a Web site? I’m curious to know what is the percentage of people who do.

Publié dans la catégorie Design, le 25 March 2007

2 réponses à Web Typo for Geek Designers

  1. Par Patrick 

    le 25 March 2007 à 21:11

    I change the size all the time.

    And I code all my sites in ems

  2. Par Marie-Claude 

    le 25 March 2007 à 22:01

    I started doing it too so I think I should change my way of thinking things. This will be part two of the revolution in my web design — part one was reading “Designing with Web Standards” by Jeffrey Zeldman, back in 2004.

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