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Rotterdam has a heart

Gyz La Rivière, whom I’ve talked about a few times in this blog, has a very nice project for the city of Rotterdam that I wanted to share with you my dear readers.

Has you might know, Rotterdam was almost completely destroyed during the second world war. A lot of people went to live elsewhere while others stayed to rebuild it. Ossip Zadkine has made a sculpture to recall this event: “The Destroyed City” (1953) which stands as a symbol of Rotterdam. It is a man yelling and looking a the sky with his arms lifted up and a hole where his heart should be. You can see a few pictures of the sculpture here and here. (When I was living in Rotterdam back in 2006, the sculpture was taken away for restoration. It normally stands in the middle of the old port (Leuvehaven) and I think it’s back to it’s place now.)

Since the symbol of Rotterdam is a man without a heart, Gyz has decided to bring the heart back (because Rotterdam now has a heart and is very lively). I found this project very touching and beautiful. You can find more info by visiting his website.

Meanwhile, Gyz has sent me a few pictures of the Chabot Museum which is now closed due to renovations and where his ‘Jan Hart’ project is exposed for everyone to see.

Jan Hart at Chabot Museum

Jan Hart at Chabot Museum

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4 réponses à Rotterdam has a heart

  1. Par Rogier 

    le 8 May 2007 à 7:55

    hi marie-claude,

    jan gat is back at the plaza 1940!!

    when zadkine visited rotterdam after the war he was
    astonished and made this statue & wanted to sell it to
    rotterdam, but the officals and people of rotterdam
    they didn’t want it, can you imagine? finally
    dreesmann of the wharehouse bought it for the city and
    a minicopy is still in the wharehouse…

    hasta luego


  2. Par Alphast 

    le 8 May 2007 à 12:51

    Salut MC!

    Merci beaucoup pour le site et les infos sur la statue. Bien qu’habitant tout près, je ne connaissais pas celle-ci. J’irai la voir en ton honneur!


  3. Par Marie-Claude 

    le 8 May 2007 à 19:16

    Thanks JB.

    For you & Rogier, who speak ‘nederlands’, there’s a TV interview that you can see here.

  4. Par Rogier 

    le 16 May 2007 à 12:37

    hi marie-claude,

    jan gat is back on his plaza allright as a king on his
    throne, i immedetialy jumped of my bike when i saw him
    this afternoon and walked around the statue looking up
    with great respect

    by the way, erratum, it was not dreesmann, but the guy
    from bijenkorf who bought it…

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