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I (L) Rotterdam again

Surfing on the internet, I was trying to find what’s happening in Rotterdam next mid-September. I stumbled upon the once uggly and unfriendly Tent web site. I found this new one very beautiful with it’s élégant logo and almost perfect typography. The only thing I dislike about it is their Flash menu (as some of my readers know, I am kind of anti-Flash; yeah, one can not be perfect…).

Clicking on links, I found that the site was designed by Pulpe. Nice job, Gérard Konings!

(Tent is a gallery for exhibitions and events on the now famous Witte de With straat. My former housemate, Lieke Snellen, is actually showing some work in the current exhibition. Too bad I’ll be missing it… again.)

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Une réponse à I (L) Rotterdam again

  1. Par Alphast 

    le 5 August 2007 à 12:49

    Tu ne le manqueras pas complètement. J’ai fait une série de photos. Bon, je sais, c’est pas pareil que de les voir en vrai, mais ça te donnera une idée.

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