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Cremaster Cycle, le grandiose

Another serie of movies that you should see if you are a fan of the bizarre is the Cremaster Cycle from Matthew Barney. I went to see a few of them last year at the Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Read my posts about it here and here.

The most well known part of this five movies serie is called “The Order” (in Cremaster 3).

I have found an interview with Barney on YouTube. Watch and enjoy it… or not.

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Inland Empire

Inland Empire

You need to be a REAL Davind Lynch fan to enjoy. It was a little bit too long for my taste but now that I have seen it and have been thinking about it for 3 days. I think I want to see it again and relive the fantasy.

I have to confess I also bought “Catching the Big Fish” in hope of learning even more about the mystic experiences of David Lynch.

I am in love with the man.

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— Women are always complaining that I drink and gamble.
— Then find a women who drinks and gamble.
— Who wants that?!

A quote from the movie Factotum as I remember it.

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The Fire Limits

Rotterdam (again) is the city of 2007 Architecture. In order to commemorate the 14th of May 1940 when the city was bombed and almost completely destroyed, something very special was thought of this year. And it is truly amazing! I am a bit sad not to have been able to see this with my own eyes.

De Brandgrens
Photo by Nord’b on Flickr — Creative Commons liscence.

More info about the project here. You can also see a lot of pictures here and on Flickr with the keywords “rotterdam+brandgrens”.

I hope you like it too.

(Thanks to Gyz for sharing the info.)

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Les livres réalisés dans le cadre du workshop avec Karel Martens (via le blog géré par Sylvain Allard). Belle couverture, bel effet, non?

Lien Link with Karel Martens

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